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Jun 19, 2009
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Summer 2009 Newsletter

This season, I shall focus on a slightly different approach to offering you information. When the internet first became fashionable, anyone under the age of thirty-five was immediately swept away by its seemingly limitless possibilities. Middle-aged and older folks were not so swept away. However, today, it has become apparent that not only have my middle-aged clients become adept at using the internet, but many of my clients in their eighties and nineties are now emailing me, attaching documents, and using the internet to make their lives easier.

With this I mind, and because we are embarking on those lazy summer days where no one really wants to think about tax planning or Medicaid eligibility or the changes in the power of attorney laws, I have compiled a list of various websites for agencies and service providers which I think might be helpful. Where possible, telephone numbers have also been included. I hope that you will review the list, save it, and find it useful in your own personal research.

Information on the New York City Department of Social Services and related services

Information on New York City Public Assistance, Medicaid and forms request, administrative directives, and insurance voicemail.
Detailed information on Medicaid through the New York State Department of Health

Housing and Real Estate
Information from the New York City Register on real property records, such as deeds and mortgages
Information on building inspection and repair-support; also on affordable housing options, such as Section 8 housing and apartments
Information on rent stabilization and control; also on affordable housing options, such as Mitchell Lama developments


Information and forms from the IRS
Information and forms from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

Social Security and Medicare
Information on planning, calculating and applying for retirement benefits, SSD, SSI
Information on rights and options for those living with disabilities
Information on the national health insurance for those over 65 and some disabled under 65

Medicare Hotline

Illness, Treatment and Good Health

Information for the visually impaired

Information on living with Alzheimer's

Information on living with cancer

Information on living with heart disease

Information on living with arthritis

Information on mental health issues

Information and support for care givers

Information on home health care and community-based health care
Comprehensive medical information website

General Information

311 or 311 online through

Information for seniors including public health insurance, domestic violence support, food stamps and a link to Adult Protective Services which arranges for support to adults at risk of physical or emotional harm
Information from online grocer with delivery service
Information and referral service to local meal delivery programs
Information about adopting pets and pet care
Free information about and referral service of experienced, pre-screened attorneys; ordinarily, an initial one-half hour consult with an attorney costs $35.00 
Information on issues concerning Veterans' affairs
Information on local agencies from the United States Administration on Aging

The above list is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to constitute individual legal advice or a specific recommendation to any particular client.


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